1.Dick (n) -Used for reproduction, urination, etc.

2.Dick (v)- Usually handling someone elses property, without their consent.
1. Oohhh...man...my dick is soooo hard!

Something that'll make you slap somebody.

It is also a rocket/missile encoded with information.
"Dick'll make you lose control; dick'll make you pull a gun out and shoot somebody in the damn face!" -Alexyss Tylor
Dayton wheels, also called D's for short.
Sample lyrics from "Black Ice" (Goodie Mob version):
... for them boys with the deep dish dicks, white walls thick, didn't have to change much
Didn't have to fix shit, so,
Man, make the mothafucka speaka blow, shake the fuckin' flow
Here to let your ass know....
by Andy Mack August 23, 2005
Some one who is awsome, doing something greatly,used to tell someone there so real and powerful. To show greater expression.ex
1."Man last night was so dick!"

2. "dude those new shoes are so hella dick"

3. john, " so how did last night go with that lady friend of yours"

by kalebninja October 14, 2008
male reproductive organs used in fucking
-hey fred, can i suck your dick?
-sure bob, were both fuckin homos

by irishmoron May 18, 2005
1) some long,, short,, fat,, or skinny dangley thing in between the legs.

2) the third leg.
....are you that dumb to be lookin up this word !?
sabalaba dick ding dong..
by MOLLYBANN January 29, 2010
Another name for a cigar.
Hey,will you light my dick on fire so I can put it in my mouth and blow on it?
by The mythic melon October 15, 2009

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