Mike Henry
Mike Henry is a dick!
by i hate mike henry September 19, 2008
dick.verb.(Philadelphia, PA) to ruin, destroy, or use to the condition of uselessness. can also mean to be in bad shape.
"I got a large pizza to myself, I'm bout to dick this jawn."

"Yo I been bowling all day, my forearm is dicked."

"You need some new shoes, the ones you wearin are dicked."
by Shomari Kamau May 14, 2008
duel exhausts pipes on an automobile
I had ta tho dicks on the big body Chev'.
by C.O.L.D. CHILL December 14, 2006
1. One who succeeds in areas of style and attitude. The latter may result in the use of that individuals dick later that evening. Can also be used for women.

2. Can also be used to describe an amazing object.
1. Melissa and Mimi are so dick with their ray-bans.

2. That bicycle is so dick, but Sasha wont sell it to Yami.
by That wordsmith is dick March 29, 2009
Verb used in place of the word "nothing". Most commonly used in a state of boredom.
"You look bored, man."

"Yeah, I am. I aint doin' dick!"

by T.J. Corso October 17, 2008
something to go into a bunch of crevices.

a tool used to transport sperm into the uterus.

a stick... for some burritos.
hey bob i just shoved my dick stick into a cleavage

nice nice... i shoved my dick burrito into a pussy...
by twatzilla May 09, 2007
A glass/pyrex pipe used for smoking methamphetamines.
can i suck your dick? that sure is a nice dick you've got there. are you gonna pass that dick or what?

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