An official slang name for a police man
It is said by John, in a classic Family Feud episode, where Richard Dawson asks a question:

Richard: Name a slang name for a police man.

John: Dick!
by Andrew14 January 16, 2010
The first name for a man named Cheney.
Dick Cheney
by D J.W. October 09, 2008
Tyler Harris of Columbia, MS.
Tyler is such a fucking dick.
by atown69 August 23, 2008
1. The hard thing in a males pants.
2. Short for Richard
3. George Bush
4. total losers
1. My dick is massive.

2. Dick was inside that girls ass.

3. Yes! The dick is leaving office soon! (not to be capitalized)

4. You are a dick.

Another example:

dick and Dick are a bunch of dicks that eat dick.
by parad0x1cal February 25, 2008
1.Dick (n) -Used for reproduction, urination, etc.

2.Dick (v)- Usually handling someone elses property, without their consent.
1. dick is soooo hard!

One who strives by an action to create a favorable social impression, but instead creates a negative one.
"Bob actually arrived at the opera dressed in a cape. What a dick!"
by nozupe4u May 09, 2007
Something that'll make you slap somebody.

It is also a rocket/missile encoded with information.
"Dick'll make you lose control; dick'll make you pull a gun out and shoot somebody in the damn face!" -Alexyss Tylor

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