A man has it, A women wants it.
"fuck i want his dick so bad!!!"
by Greg and Soula November 07, 2006
The worst/best bar depending on who you are. Located in Hamden, CT. A place that many underage Quinnipiac University students sneak into.
"There are three kinds of people that go to dicks. Sluts, athletes and freshmen."
-Tron circa 2012
by QUbobcat2012 January 23, 2014
You got a little one that's why your searching it .
I have a dick
by Bodmon12345 April 23, 2012
This what Infantrymen in the US military are call. It means Dedicated Infantry Combat Killer.
MP: Hey D.I.C.K., ready to pull some security for my convoy?

DICK: Roger that sergeant.
by NicaCop June 14, 2008
1.Dick (n) -Used for reproduction, urination, etc.

2.Dick (v)- Usually handling someone elses property, without their consent.
1. Oohhh...man...my dick is soooo hard!

Most situations its a mald body part that shouldnt be exposed on regular occasions. The other "dick" is basically anyone named collin. Its a person that likes to push around everyone, and when u stick up to him he runs like a pussy.
Collin: *pushes* guy1
Guy1: *punches collin*
Collin: hey chill *walks away*
Guy1: yeah u better run u dick
by Vocabdefiner9003 November 17, 2013
purple-headed yogurt slinger
"hey when you choke that guy he looks like a dick"
by Jake Vaughan May 26, 2005

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