The person that flips you off on the road. The guy that tries to steal your girlfriend. That one, really annoying, nagging person. Someone who just doesn't care! Someone with no respect for humanity. Nobody likes a dick. So don't be a dick.
Guy #1: Dude this one guy tried to run me off the road!
Guy #2: What a dick...

"Some dick took a massive dump and didn't flush!"
by yyyeeeaaaahhhh1111 November 15, 2013
Drunk In Charge (of a) Keyboard?

When you get woken up by an SMS at random o'clock & it's clearly from a drunk person. Rather than try to decipher it, simply reply: DICK? If they are, they'll know you aren't.

This used to require a computer keyboard, although those nifty little smart phone things are inspiring a revival (also known to affect to e-mail etc., especially during the early hours of Saturday & Sunday mornings)
Drunk person*: "I really, really, love you!!!" (etc.)
You: "DICK?"
Drunk person*: "Ah... Sorry! Had a few too many shandies..."
You: "Still a DICK?"

*: he/she who probably explored a little DUI beforehand & almost certainly will have a stinking hangover afterwards.
by little-miss can't do wrong October 14, 2010
A man has it, A women wants it.
"fuck i want his dick so bad!!!"
by Greg and Soula November 07, 2006
By looking up "dick" in the Urban Dictionary, you are, indeed, a dick.
by disisdashit October 01, 2014
A males reproductive organ. Some guys have more dick in there personality than in there pants.
"Dude, my dick is sooooo big"
by brainybitch July 03, 2014
Dick can mean a number of things, such as:

1. A males penis
2. A insult

3. Cydney
1. "wow that doy gotta real good dick"
2. "you're such a dick!"
3. "did yo see dat cydney gurl, herd she hook up wit all dem bois. can't trust no hoe"
by keuso July 01, 2014
The worst/best bar depending on who you are. Located in Hamden, CT. A place that many underage Quinnipiac University students sneak into.
"There are three kinds of people that go to dicks. Sluts, athletes and freshmen."
-Tron circa 2012
by QUbobcat2012 January 23, 2014

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