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Drunk In Charge (of a) Keyboard?

When you get woken up by an SMS at random o'clock & it's clearly from a drunk person. Rather than try to decipher it, simply reply: DICK? If they are, they'll know you aren't.

This used to require a computer keyboard, although those nifty little smart phone things are inspiring a revival (also known to affect to e-mail etc., especially during the early hours of Saturday & Sunday mornings)
Drunk person*: "I really, really, love you!!!" (etc.)
You: "DICK?"
Drunk person*: "Ah... Sorry! Had a few too many shandies..."
You: "Still a DICK?"

*: he/she who probably explored a little DUI beforehand & almost certainly will have a stinking hangover afterwards.
by little-miss can't do wrong October 14, 2010
1.Dick (n) -Used for reproduction, urination, etc.

2.Dick (v)- Usually handling someone elses property, without their consent.
1. Oohhh...man...my dick is soooo hard!

Most situations its a mald body part that shouldnt be exposed on regular occasions. The other "dick" is basically anyone named collin. Its a person that likes to push around everyone, and when u stick up to him he runs like a pussy.
Collin: *pushes* guy1
Guy1: *punches collin*
Collin: hey chill *walks away*
Guy1: yeah u better run u dick
by Vocabdefiner9003 November 17, 2013
1.A certain president of a certain country who doesnt know what the Marshall Faulk he's doing and whose southern accent eats at your soul. >:(

2.The male reproductive organ commonly known as a penis.
that president is a real dick
by access January 20, 2008
1.The man's penis
2.A mean person
Amirali Zulfiqar Ali Panjwani has no DICK!
by asdfasdfasdfasdf August 20, 2006
purple-headed yogurt slinger
"hey when you choke that guy he looks like a dick"
by Jake Vaughan May 26, 2005
Why are you looking this kind of stuff up on the internet? Go suck one!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a bonar because you sucked my dick! Wait a minute, why am I posting this stuff? I'm giving u real examples to u pervs looking it up. goodbye
by MY POST IS A JOKE December 02, 2010