a really mean and hateful person
bill: jack your dumb jack: you fuckin dick!!!
by juza43 January 06, 2009
By looking up "dick" in the Urban Dictionary, you are, indeed, a dick.
by disisdashit October 01, 2014
(Verb) to be played by a person or false persona for the purpose of achieving sexual satisfaction or sadistic cravings. Often used as a desperate attempt to hide something personal, ie. homosexuality.
She realized she had been dicked by her current boyfriend when she found out via text message that he chose his second girlfriend over her.
by superwholock69 January 21, 2014
position in the pole vault where you are belly to the bar and ready for a certain clear.
i wish my dick was as good as yours
by mocha joe homo April 03, 2011
Drunk In Charge (of a) Keyboard?

When you get woken up by an SMS at random o'clock & it's clearly from a drunk person. Rather than try to decipher it, simply reply: DICK? If they are, they'll know you aren't.

This used to require a computer keyboard, although those nifty little smart phone things are inspiring a revival (also known to affect to e-mail etc., especially during the early hours of Saturday & Sunday mornings)
Drunk person*: "I really, really, love you!!!" (etc.)
You: "DICK?"
Drunk person*: "Ah... Sorry! Had a few too many shandies..."
You: "Still a DICK?"

*: he/she who probably explored a little DUI beforehand & almost certainly will have a stinking hangover afterwards.
by little-miss can't do wrong October 14, 2010
a penis.
also, in some areas known as BENNETT M. LOVEJOY.
bennett lovejoy is the dickiest kid i know.
by rosepetal123 October 26, 2008
A person who strongly encourages another to become enraged/ annoyed, without becoming annoyed themselves.
"I took a shit in your mouth last night..."
"oh, my god, shut up. Your not even funny..."
"...then i took a piss up your nose...", etc,
"fuck off, get away from me." (dick).
by Dr. S Yates March 31, 2008

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