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The suffix "-dick" can be added onto anything to express stress or even humor for a given topic.
"Shitty-dick over here just got an attitude with me."

"Ol' cactus-dick just poked the shit out of me."

"Hey, speedy-dick! Slow down!"
by XDavid PolicastroX April 16, 2009
a penis.
also, in some areas known as BENNETT M. LOVEJOY.
bennett lovejoy is the dickiest kid i know.
by rosepetal123 October 26, 2008
This what Infantrymen in the US military are call. It means Dedicated Infantry Combat Killer.
MP: Hey D.I.C.K., ready to pull some security for my convoy?

DICK: Roger that sergeant.
by NicaCop June 14, 2008
A person who strongly encourages another to become enraged/ annoyed, without becoming annoyed themselves.
"I took a shit in your mouth last night..."
"oh, my god, shut up. Your not even funny..."
"...then i took a piss up your nose...", etc,
"fuck off, get away from me." (dick).
by Dr. S Yates March 31, 2008
A man has it, A women wants it.
"fuck i want his dick so bad!!!"
by Greg and Soula November 07, 2006
You got a little one that's why your searching it .
I have a dick
by Bodmon12345 April 23, 2012
position in the pole vault where you are belly to the bar and ready for a certain clear.
i wish my dick was as good as yours
by mocha joe homo April 03, 2011