The most important organ in the male body
I like the dick in my mouth
by Dingaling Incorpirated May 19, 2016
Donald Trump
Donald Trump, the biggest dick in the world
via giphy
by CHARLIERHATER May 18, 2016
Directly Influenced College Knowledge
The woman's father gave her some good Dick
by alphabetwhore May 29, 2016
if you just looked up what dick means. You're fucking stupid! It's a man/boys genitals retard!
I love my boyfriends dick.
My dick is so big.
by BabyGirl9786 June 19, 2016
The thing that sticks out between a guys legs that girls like to have up their vagina or up their ass or between their boobies or even in their mouth during sex. It can also be the name of a person or what you call a mean person.
1: "I have a 10 inch dick".
2: "My name is Dick"
3: "You dick!"
by TheFishedFish May 08, 2016
1) A person who is acting like a total jackass or asshole.
2) Like a vagina, but on a guy. A penis. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Why certain girls stay with their boyfriends when the don't love them.
1) "Jason is being a dick, I'm going to sidekick that motherfucker in the face."
2) Girl 1: "Girl what's wrong?"
Girl 2: "My man ain't shit."
G1: "Well why won't you leave him?"
G2: "Cuz bitch, dick too bomb!"
by Gingerbabe May 28, 2015
1.Slang for a penis
2. An insult

3. Short for Richard
Dick has such a big dick but he's such a dick
by Wkficusbana May 23, 2015
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