A man's private part used to pee/to have sex.
Sandy zipped his pants down as his long dick went out as he peed in the urinal.
by coolquack7 November 11, 2014
Dick: (n.) A person who thinks they are too good to answer someone OR someone who insults you. (Synonyms): asshole; douchebag; pompous.
-"Hey Lucy! Did that guy answer you yet?" "No, because he's a DICK."
-"Hey Charles! Did that guy answer you yet?" "It's a girl, you DICK! And no...she didn't..."
by krystyneyo September 07, 2011
Nothing. (I got this from a Richard Gere movie.)
In a movie, Richard Gere, playing a lawyer defending
an controversial client, makes the statement:
"We've been working on this case for 3 months,
and we've got dick!"
by Cliff9 August 02, 2007
Could used as derogatory and insulting term but also used to describe somebody's/own genitals.

Could be a name for someone.
Dude my dick hangs so good in her..

What? I didn't need to know that at all

Hey, Dick, nice name... Lulz
by Teh Handle August 18, 2016
can sometime be found in wrapped up boxes still attatched to the male, and given to partners as a gift.
"hey baby,ITS MAH DICK IN A BOX"
by the kie May 29, 2009
old fashioned word used to describe cops. Sometimes used instead of the word officer.
Yo y u stoppin me Dick Dennis?
Yo my friend works in the police department, yea he's a dick.
by Jerry Boi November 10, 2006
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