Another word for penis.
Damn he got a 8 inch dick. It's massive
by Great banter it really is November 10, 2014
in me all the time
pierce's dick
by treehugger69 December 02, 2010
A man's private part used to pee/to have sex.
Sandy zipped his pants down as his long dick went out as he peed in the urinal.
by coolquack7 November 11, 2014
Dick: (n.) A person who thinks they are too good to answer someone OR someone who insults you. (Synonyms): asshole; douchebag; pompous.
-"Hey Lucy! Did that guy answer you yet?" "No, because he's a DICK."
-"Hey Charles! Did that guy answer you yet?" "It's a girl, you DICK! And no...she didn't..."
by krystyneyo September 07, 2011
Nothing. (I got this from a Richard Gere movie.)
In a movie, Richard Gere, playing a lawyer defending
an controversial client, makes the statement:
"We've been working on this case for 3 months,
and we've got dick!"
by Cliff9 August 02, 2007
old fashioned word used to describe cops. Sometimes used instead of the word officer.
Yo y u stoppin me Dick Dennis?
Yo my friend works in the police department, yea he's a dick.
by Jerry Boi November 10, 2006
1) A person who is acting like a total jackass or asshole.
2) Like a vagina, but on a guy. A penis. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Why certain girls stay with their boyfriends when the don't love them.
1) "Jason is being a dick, I'm going to sidekick that motherfucker in the face."
2) Girl 1: "Girl what's wrong?"
Girl 2: "My man ain't shit."
G1: "Well why won't you leave him?"
G2: "Cuz bitch, dick too bomb!"
by Gingerbabe May 28, 2015

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