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Dick: (n.) A person who thinks they are too good to answer someone OR someone who insults you. (Synonyms): asshole; douchebag; pompous.
-"Hey Lucy! Did that guy answer you yet?" "No, because he's a DICK."
-"Hey Charles! Did that guy answer you yet?" "It's a girl, you DICK! And no...she didn't..."
by krystyneyo September 07, 2011
The male genital, along with the testes
A sign of dominance in the family.
I have the dick,so i make the rules!
by Dr dickanal February 28, 2011
old fashioned word used to describe cops. Sometimes used instead of the word officer.
Yo y u stoppin me Dick Dennis?
Yo my friend works in the police department, yea he's a dick.
by Jerry Boi November 10, 2006
Nothing. (I got this from a Richard Gere movie.)
In a movie, Richard Gere, playing a lawyer defending
an controversial client, makes the statement:
"We've been working on this case for 3 months,
and we've got dick!"
by Cliff9 August 02, 2007
Dick can mean a number of things, such as:

1. A males penis
2. A insult

3. Cydney
1. "wow that doy gotta real good dick"
2. "you're such a dick!"
3. "did yo see dat cydney gurl, herd she hook up wit all dem bois. can't trust no hoe"
by keuso July 01, 2014
The person that flips you off on the road. The guy that tries to steal your girlfriend. That one, really annoying, nagging person. Someone who just doesn't care! Someone with no respect for humanity. Nobody likes a dick. So don't be a dick.
Guy #1: Dude this one guy tried to run me off the road!
Guy #2: What a dick...

"Some dick took a massive dump and didn't flush!"
by yyyeeeaaaahhhh1111 November 15, 2013
a penis also known as a One Eyed wonder Weasel

a long dong that gives pleasure
a man's dick getting its daily feed
by Trouser Troat September 03, 2009