someone who is a massive dick. often aplyed 2 people who act in selfish ways. broken down dick means the male reproductive organ and wod means massive.
hey get out of my way dick wod
by Louis Matthew Murray October 09, 2004
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a dickwod is an annoying person
"STFU dickwod"
by Dickwod May 07, 2003
A tissue, piece of cloth, old sock, etc which is used solely for collecting ejaculate. The dickwod acts as a barrier between the penis and the bedsheet/sofa/magazine during masturbation.
I need a new dickwod - this one is almost saturated!
by davard August 16, 2004
dickwodis to be a stuped ass
when messing around and no one finds it funny ie a dickwod
by man-utd February 04, 2010

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