1. When the man has a control over the relationship.
2.When a female does anything the males says to do
3. Whne the sex is real good
1. My gurl in check, I got her dick- whipped.
2. Damn i don't know why but dis boy got me dick- whipped.
3. The way we have sex makes me fall in love, he got me straight dick- whipped.
by Ms queenbee April 01, 2006
The female version of "pussy whipped." When the dick is so good.. that when laid out by the goodness.. you lose all track of time and thought.
Girl 1: ive been misreading IMS all noght

Girl 2:Too much sex? XD~

Girl 1: LMAO I WAS JUST ABOUT 2 SAY THAT!! Ive been dick whipped.
by Lexyione February 09, 2011
1) Adjective for a woman or man so obsessed with a recent male lover that she or he finds it difficult to initiate a romance with anyone else
2) (used for a part of the body such as buttocks, breasts or thighs) Bearing a bruise from being flogged by a man's heavy penis
1) When Harry fucked Sally, she experienced her first multiple orgasm, and after she told her friends that the experience made her not want to meet other men, her friends accused her of being dick-whipped.
2) After Harry jerked off on Sally's ass for a good 10 minutes, it looked dick-whipped and required an ice pack.
by V. Cummings July 29, 2006
When your girlfriend or a girl is so into you she does anything for you.
Yo boul i was out of money so i ask this jawn for some and she gave me it shes so dick whipped nah mean?
by Mattske November 17, 2009
A woman that abides to the male penis.
He has me so "dick whipped" I cant even function without him and his member.
by lamoismynamo March 17, 2011
When a guy lets all his SINGLE buddies tell him he is pussy whipped by his girlfriend. Then he starts listening to his guy friends and ends up losing his girlfriend instead of growing balls and telling his single friends to but out. So once a happy guy with a girlfriend is now a single guy with his single friends playing "pocket pool" with Rosie and her five friends!!!!
Guys who has single jealous friends who want to ruin his relationship. Dick whipped
by alikatdancer February 05, 2011
something that doesnt exist; ether the woman controls the man (pussy whipped) or they are equals; men dont control women nowadays
dick whipped? theres no such thing
by Jason Andrew Relva April 30, 2004
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