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a dirty, dirty, dirty tramp who sucked your dick, and you don't know her name
Damn, that bitch is a dick vacuum.

Yo, I met that bitch last night, and she gave me that head. That girl is a dick vacuum.

What a dick vacuum.

Man, Elisa is a dick vacuum. Wait, I know her name. She's just a slut.
by JG, BK, PJ, and Nick April 08, 2006
1)A man or woman who sucks dick non-stop and almost always has a dick in his/her mouth.
2)used as an insult.
1)Hey, check out that dick vacuum! She's a pro!
2)Damn, Jared's such a dick vacuum!
by Mike939393 July 02, 2007
one who is an expert at sucking dick
That girl sucked my dick like a vacuum hose! SHE'S A DICK VACUUM!
by JiGGa JaMeS October 19, 2005
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