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A dick toilet is a toilet with ample room for a man's package without risk of touching the internal filthy front area of the bowl with the penis knob. The dick toilet is generally oblong and highly comfortable.
Real estate agent: "Yes, so here's the 3 piece bathroom and..."
Duke: "Ya, I'm not buying this place"
Real estate agent: "Pardon me this is a lovely Victorian..."
Duke: "No Dick toilet bud, what do you want me to press my knob against the rim there everyday or put a tp gasket in between. I'm sorry sir, I say good day to you."
by The Duke28 August 20, 2011
A girl who would fuck anyone or anything anytime no matter what.
That bitch ain't no slut shes a fucken dick toilet.
by boss_bo_boss June 06, 2014

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