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when a person's throat hurts specifically from giving fellatio.
Samantha couldn't come to work today, she was sucking cock all night and has a serious case of dick throat this morning.
#chicken head #fellatio #cock throat #penis throat #sore throat
by mastafinch87 January 10, 2011
When someone continuously coughs over and over again uncontrollably.
Why don't you fix that dickthroat you have Sam?
#asspirate #noobageddon #dicktree #fag #gay
by Dickthroat mcgee June 25, 2008
When u have a sore throat or irritation from gargling / swallowing too much cum .
Erica: omg! u sound horrible girl , u done caught the cold again?

Natalie: idk , i just woke up with a sore throat , and my jaw is tightening.

Erica: girl, that ain't no cold , u got dickthroat lol!!!
#oralsex #sore #swallow #jaws #sick
by Blackcat89 April 03, 2011
When you wake up with a sore throat from sucking a dick
Kim: Hey Jenny how are you?
Jenny: I'm good. Woke up with some serious dick throat though
by Anal Dyke May 21, 2016
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