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Usually latino girls who have pouty lips and correspondingly crossed eyes as if stuck that way after years of sucking cock and looking at it.
Joe: That bitch has crossed eyes.

Bob: Thats because she's sucked too much cock...she's got dick sucking eyes.
by Ireney May 26, 2005
girls who have extremely sexy eyes that would look great looking up at you giving you a bj
Brad: Damn, Carmen Electra has amazing eyes.

Tom: She's got dick sucking eyes.
by iceboxsurprise1111 August 20, 2009
An adult male with eyes that give you the creeps or are overly effeminate.
Tom: Something has always bugged me about Patrick Swayze.

Hank: It's because he has dick sucking eyes.
by Witworth March 03, 2010

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