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1) someone who actually looks up dick stick on urban dictionary

2) the reason why dudes find it necesary to constantly "re-adjust" themselves aka: grab their wang

3) some one who goes 25 in a 55
duuude look at that dick stick!he's playin ball in the parking lot!!
by ramrod69 March 23, 2007
A freshly semened penis that has glued itself to one's underpants.
I hurts when dick stick.
by shaunf January 09, 2004
In nominal terms, a dickstick is another term for a dildo. By extrapolation, "dickstick" is a Tomism (see Tomism) and used as a mild insult to one's intelligence. Useable as a substitute for "dipshit", "dickstick" usually indicates one's displeasure of another person's actions.
P1: "Hey, Tom look. Frank just took the last piece of pizza."

T: "Oh, that dickstick! I didn't even get to eat any!"
by Frank Klaune March 15, 2004
A measuring device that every man has to measure the length of his penis. Could be a ruler, a yardstick, or something else with a predetermined size. Rarely seen or admitted to, but in the possession of most men.
"I woke up with such bad wood this morning that I had to grab my dickstick and see what the damage was."
by knight_visionn December 06, 2009
Another name for a rifle grenade used in Call Of Duty: World At War.

Treyarch's version of the noob toob used on CoD 4.
Damnit! i just got killed with a Dick Stick!
by DP12691 March 30, 2009
a cheesedick male who enjoys riding the dickstick aka longboard.
look at these two homos riding their fucking dickstickswith flip flops and they actually feel cool, like they are surfing or some shit.
by tylerzz July 20, 2006
a man who usally has a woody as hard as a stick
kyle is looking at sally with a dick-stick
by hsih7jhjdsb April 22, 2008
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