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1. The region of ones penis consisting of a thin layer or skin covering the 'head', almost exclusivly found in uncircumsized males.

2. When ones nose is long and droopy, similar to a flacid penis.

3. A back alley circumscision gone wrong.
1. " When George whipped out his cock i couldn't help but notice the crusted, infected DICK SNOUT that covered the head of his penis."

2. " Julia's DICK SNOUT is so long, it reminds me of my grandaddy's limp cock."

3. "Man, whats up with Daves DICK SNOUT? It looks like his indecisive father utalized a rusty screw to circumsize him hours after birth."
by Pak Zedersen May 29, 2008
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Like a douchenozzle, but more angry, commonly found in sales positions or at trendy night clubs.
That sales rep is a dicksnout.
by Senator S. November 27, 2008
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