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A homosexual; a guy who gives head to other guys.
Watch out for Phil, he's a real dick smoker.
by Rony February 06, 2003
75 20
one who is highly stressed, and uses sucking cocks as a relief. Also it is known that this individuals neccessity to relieve thier anxiety leads to uncleanliness. consequently they may be know to be a dirty cocksucker.
there have been many met in my life, but the one who qualifies as a chain smoker would be Chris Proctor.
by not a second hand smoker March 25, 2004
37 21
someone who gets on thier knees for the boss!
Nathan is Don's dicksmoker!
by coastworm October 08, 2003
17 3
Synonym for "cocksucker"
Quit blocking the intersection, you dicksmoker!
by Anthony Volpe April 22, 2003
17 6