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A convenient place to store one's cock. A whore.
Good thing Tracey came around. I needed a good dick sleeve.
by yosdk June 25, 2006
The prepuce or foreskin of the penis. Also known as a sheath or hood. Retractable double layer of skin that slides up and down the shaft of the penis and normally covers and protects the glans (head) from friction. This part is surgically removed when a male is circumcised therefore not every guy still has his dick sleeve.
To hell with circumcision! I'm not getting my dick sleeve chopped off!
by Kurt91 July 08, 2010
the outer layer of skin on a dick
he had a pale dick sleeve
tracy thought his dick sleeve was beautiful
by sfusion October 24, 2007
My dick head is really sensitive because I still got my dick sleeve!
by Kurt91 July 13, 2010
Short, skinny girls - usually white.
That girl is so small, I could wear her like a dick sleeve. Man it's cold outside, girl let me use you like a dick sleeve.
by grapplerschool April 04, 2012

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