What comes out of a cock during orgasm.
"Would you like some dick sauce on that taco?"
by K September 08, 2003
Top Definition
dicksauce (n. dik - soss) A compound noun of the words dick and sauce, used to describe the sauce the will periodically spray from a male homo sapien's penis, which is neither urine or semen.
"Wow Jim, this pasta is great! What's the secret???"

by looba August 10, 2004
A derivative of "weaksauce" and "dick." Used to describe an event or outcome that is generally displeasing.
Did you see the pile of dirty dishes Fargus left me? That's so dicksauce!

Oh, dicksauce! I left my wallet at Thirsty Turtle last night!
by Dicksauce McGee June 08, 2009
Where your nuts stick to your leg and it makes a sauce often smells like DICK therefore making it sauce.
Dam, Did you smell Lees DICK SAUCE,No but i bet it smells good.
by Born6ghst1 July 29, 2008
1. Baby batter sticky matter

2. The Whore's daily Protein intake

3. Hair Gel

4. The hole you dip your dick in

5. More useless then an asshole
Stop being such a dick sauce!

Would you like some more dick sauce you slut bitch?
by Bouncing boobies October 09, 2011
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