Any STI or STD that causes visible harm (i.e., sores, warts, blisters) to the genitalia. Though it is named after the slang term for the male reproductive anatomy, dick rot can be applied as a term for an STD/STI carried by a female as well.
John: "Dude, we watched the STD/STI film today in health class. For something that is so gross, it sure does have a clean, tidy name."

Jack: "I know, man. It just didn't make me want to avoid STDs nearly enough. That's why I think of it as dick rot. It just screams, 'This stuff is nasty and is to be avoided.' Way more to the point."
by Harry Manassas October 01, 2011
Top Definition
A condition that is uncomfortable to the sufferer as well as unpleasant for others, caused by the usual, very poor male hygiene.

What your mom tells you will happen if you don't take a shower now! Your little brother notices you have been wearing the same underwear for 3 days and doesn't buy it that you have 3 pairs the same color - gray.
Mom: Go take a shower. You stink!

Teen son: Wait until I finish this game....

Mom: You said that yesterday. Do you want to get dick rot before you even get a chance to lose your virginity?
by madwife July 11, 2006
A demeaning term to use against a stupid person.
"Oi dick rot, stop doing that before you get hurt!"
by olly5764 April 07, 2015
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