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elongated nipples that hang or protrude more than the average nipple.
One example can be seen a the first locker room scene of the porno "Debbie Does Dallas," on the cheerleader who is screwing the coach.
by thebunnyhorse December 01, 2004
a nipple long enough to be a penis. Or simply a strange, nonexistant, birth defect.
Charles: My god, I've got dicknipples.
Peter: Might I suckle from yon teat?
Charles: Please.
by Peter Charleston March 29, 2005
A huge, thick nipple, usually longer than 1 inch in length.
Are you sure you can fit her huge DICK NIPPLES in your mouth?
by lew July 30, 2004
nipples that seem to have a head much like that of a circumsized penis.
Yeah, Michelle's got those huge tits, but I heard she's got the dicknipples.
by kid_a October 09, 2008
An over sized nipple that is elongated and looks like a penis!
Hey Baby You Wanna Have Some Fun Tonight?
OOOOO Yeah, Get Your Dick Nipples Out
No Way I Ain't Shitting Through Them Again!
by Lars Bolshitz November 26, 2007
It's the tip of a mans penis
"Babe, close your legs, your Dicknipple is hanging out and it's scaring the kids"
by Railsrm July 16, 2014
Another way to describe genital warts on your penis.
"Why no baby those aint warts, thems my dick nipples!"
by Farding Blood November 17, 2009

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