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One who takes up the nearest opportunity to suck someone's dick to reach a spotlight of some kind.
Michael: Henry instantly complemented the boss's new suit and tie and made a huge suck up speech to him too, He even got promoted the next day for it.
Oscar: Dude, what a dick ninja.
Henry: Oh hey guys! Whats up? (wipes the proverbial cum off of face)
by oscarthegrouch January 09, 2008
A man or woman who has been properly trained in dick self defince.
That bitch was a real dickninja she alway blocks the cock.
by deain April 24, 2008
Dick Ninja (n.) - A person who disappears without a trace in such a way or at such a time as to be a real dick.

(v.) - The behavior or action of a dick ninja.

(see also D.N.)
Tom disappeared from his best friend's wedding early to watch a football game - what a dick ninja thing to do. He really Dick Ninja'd his buddy. (or he really DN'd his buddy).
by 222R222 September 07, 2011
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