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noun. slang term for mouth. much like cake hole or pie hole.
joe: I love pres. Obama!
bob: one more comment like that and you're getting socked in the dick hole!
by the midnight skulker January 25, 2011
48 19
One who is such a humongous prick that no other word can adequately describe them.
Rosie O'Donnell is such a dickhole
by Kirby September 17, 2006
72 53
worse than asshole and worse than being a dick,
that doctor is a such a dickhole, he aint shit!
by deeztc May 19, 2008
31 13
Another way of calling some one a pussy
Dude, you're such a dick hole!
by mosmama August 12, 2010
23 18
a combination of an asshole, a pussy, and a big mouth; a person who is rude and mean, lie and act like they are hardcore, but is a coward; refers to orifices entered by a penis during vaginal, anal, and oral sex
"I hate dick-holes that talk shit behind my back instead of to my face 'cause they're too scared to fight."
by jfkdas October 20, 2011
2 1
when you don't know whether to call someone a dick or an asshole in a fit of rage
Guy: dude I banged your girl

Guy 2: you're such a dick hole
by phunkmaster2000 December 02, 2013
0 0
Any opening you may insert a penis, cock, or dick.

Also, by calling someone a dickhole, you are inferring that they themselves are not only chock full of orifices that are readily insertable into, they also are frequently used.

Almost like a magnet or black hole, they seem to draw dicks towards and inside them.
"Aw, yeah, this dickhole is so tight! It feels good on my dick!"

"Paris Hilton is a giant dickhole, cramming as much cock as she can into her dickholes."
by Dylanforshillin February 15, 2009
24 24