Top Definition
When a chick sucks on the side, or tip, of your dick leaving a red mark.
I dragged this chick home from the club last night but she gave me a fuking dick hickey
by BLEST24 May 16, 2007
When a chic sucks your dick so long the head turns a bright red.
Damn Juanita gave me a dickhickey last night and the mofo is still fuckin red!
by Silk Brah March 28, 2008
When making out with a girl your dick is so hard for so long that when you are done you have left a bruise in the shape of your cock on her inner thigh.
"Hey man, did you guys do it last night?"
"Nah, but we made out for so long that I gave her a dick hickey."
by J-Roe December 18, 2009
when a fat fukin chick thinks your cock is a nice juicy ballpark frank and sucks on it like she hasn't eaten in 5 whole minutes leaving bite or lipstick marks around your johnson.
you fugly bitch, who would put relish on a cock
by jerk_off_janitor July 13, 2005
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