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(skateboarding term) when you've been skating bad, not able to land tricks because you cant control you're feet good
I cant kickflip today, i've got dick foot.
by thatguyyoudontknow August 24, 2006
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1) a useless asshole that has very few friends
2) someone that is annoying others while they are trying to work
3) a term used amongst males to jokingly insult one another
1) "fuck you dickfoot! nobody wants you here"
2) "stop being such a dickfoot and get back to work"
3) "hows it going dickfoot"
by Felix Raydin September 25, 2008
10 2
A play off the word "Big-foot". Someone who has a large enough schlong to use his penis as a unit of measurement in place of a foot (12 inches).
Man 1 (the Dick-Foot in this scenario): I'd say thats about four dicks long.

Man 2: You mean four feet...

Man 1: I meant what i said.
by matt2218 August 12, 2010
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There is only one known Dickfoot in existence. As a result of an unsuccessful science experiment, a hybrid between a human dick and foot was created (the balls are also attached). It lives, breathes, and is most notorious for its rabid, disgusting smell. If you happen to come across this horrid mutation, follow these steps:

1. Light a match (it smells).
2. Poor gasoline all around you.
3. Throw the match on the gasoline.
4. Run like hell.

Also, beware of the Dickfoot Cheese trails it leaves behind, they are highly toxic, and may be fatal if swallowed.
oh god, it smells like dickfoot in here...
by bukbukake May 29, 2009
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