Someone who smells like they came out of someone's dick;smells like piss or cum
Shut up you boner-biting dick-fart fuck-face
by Benignvirus June 14, 2004
Top Definition
noun: Penile flatulence (air or gas escaping from the penis through the urethra), a.k.a. a quofe (also spelled quof or quoaf).

NOTE: Dick farts or quofes are a rare phenomenon compared to queefs because it is much harder for air to become stuck in a man's urethra than in a woman's comparatively larger vagina. Quofes occur most frequently after a catheter has been inserted into the penis and removed, leaving air trapped in the bladder or urethra.
After Reginald's catheter was removed, he tried to take a piss, but ended up letting a dick fart at the same time and splattering urine everywhere.
by fauxbourdon December 05, 2005
Something that almost NEVER happens, but on occasion, due to a foreign object being stuck in one's pisshole, a gaseous release, similiar to that of a traditional fart, releases from one's penis.
Oh man, Harry! The other day I dick farted and it blew the water from the toilet right into my eye! Arrg! I'm a pirate!
by LSDrew April 10, 2007
Usually a male, ignorant retard, who is over confident and is a tool.
Justin Biber is a dick fart
by TahTah October 24, 2010
A slang term for pneumaturia, the passage of air or "gas" in the urine. A colovesical fistula, in which the bowel communicates with the bladder, may cause "dick farts" in addition to recurrent urinary tract infections. A man with pneumaturia may describe having "bubbles" when voiding, or may simply recall farting through his penis.
"Dick farts may be a sign of underlying Crohn's disease."

"Perhaps the strangest symptom I've seen is the dick fart."
by SLR69 October 12, 2008
dickfart is the term used to describe the air bubbles that leak with cum from the head of the penis after ejaculation..
" jim is having a dickfart, as the cum bubbles drip"
by Cuntessa May 09, 2006
A self-important man who doesn't command the respect that he believes he does and therefore is not taken seriously by his peers and cohorts.

Often, as means to extract comedic value from a dickfart, he will be led to believe that his misbegotten status is legitimate, further making his false sense of authority appear that much more absurd.
I can't believe that dickfart just tried to tell us all how to do our jobs. How can he think he has any credibility when he doesn't even prepare for the meeting?
by hinder90 February 23, 2010
When you masturbate so many times in one day that, at climax, you ejaculate nothing but air (also known as a ghost load).
Man, I beat it so many times yesterday that I was just dickfarting by the seventh time!
by DeAndre Coleman III December 19, 2013
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