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The fictional character from Wacky Races who always loses. He continuously tries to set traps for other racers which do not work. Perhaps stupidly, whenever he gets ahead in a race he attempts to set a trap for the other racers rather than keeping on going and winning outright. Has a dog minion called Muttley. Drives the Mean Machine
Ehehehehe! Now I will put this long cheesewire between these trees so that whoever gets through is sliced in half! Eheheheh! Oh no! Prof. Pat Pending is blowing it away with another crazy invention! He's blown me into the air! ARGH! MUTTLEY!!! DO SOMETHING!!!
by Jammers August 05, 2005
1. When someone is being mean, cruel or nasty this word can be used to describe them

2. Famous evil animated cartoon character from the wacky races cartoon series
that person is so Dick Dastardly
by Edward Aldred-Dow April 22, 2006
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