Used when someone makes alot of jokes including the words Dick Penis Cock etc
"Hey guys. PENIS! hahaha"

"Aw c'mon. enough of the dickcheese, it's old."
by Nycho T January 05, 2009
A Male's penis layered in a thick cheesey substance. Sometimes the cause of engaging in sexual activity with a cheese pizza.
"Cheese! It's what's for dinner!"
by Richard Mozzarella June 08, 2005
A pronoun used to belittle an opponent. Also pronounced Dick Cheeze.
"Way to go Dick Cheese!"
by Carlos Caliente December 01, 2005
The true flavor of a man. Face it anyone can smell like soap. Take it from the load cheese himself. The girls will go wild for your discusting little culture!
Human headcheese yogart. Cultured under the dampness of an unwashed penis. Filled with the finest dairy products available.
by Cheezyone! January 06, 2003
when you jizz and you leave the jizz on the top of your dick or u dont wiope it all off the next time you look at your dick u will have dick cheese also know as dried up dick crustys on your tip
chris was jackin it like a beast and when he was done he was so tried he went to sleep in the middle of the night he got up to take a piss he notice that there was dried up jizz crustys on his head. ooo no chris has dick cheese.
a.the residue left on the tip of your penis after intercoarse b. when you catch some funky shit from a chick that makes your penis oose, what appears to be, cheese
Guy: We shouldn't have fucked those hookers last night Greg. Guy2: Why do you say that Bill?
Guy: Because I woke this morning to some serious dick cheese : (
by flicaflaca1416 January 16, 2009
Jello like build up found in urinal pipes that smells horrendous. May also take the form of slime and cottage cheese. Caused by thick yellow piss due to lack of hydration.
I'm not gonna drink any water so i can dick cheese up my urinal pipes!
by Mr. Dick Cheese July 05, 2009

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