the cheesy crud that builds up under ones foreskin when they have not washed under it for months on end
Sally:Ewww. either you clean the dick cheese off your dick, or you aint getting none tonight
by Gryphon Rider August 15, 2009
"the dirt and scum building up betweeen the area of the penis and thighs."
-Me,one second ago.
Me:"Dude,did you hear about Scott?"
Other Dude:What happened?
Me:They found him dead,and when they did an autopsy,they found loads of dick cheese!"
by AnHonestChainsaw12 June 24, 2011
when there's a yellowy substance surrounding the shaft and pee hole of a penis causing a massive build up of crusty grossness.
adam was terrified of the dick cheese he discovered crowding his package.
by vanksie November 06, 2010
When you get sweaty and the sweat dries around your dick.
After running I had a good case of the dick cheese!
by dsac 101 August 31, 2010
usually found dripping from the end of a filthy penis or salivating from a dickhead
grant . . . have you rubbed your penis on my coffee mug this morning because there is an extraordinary amount of cheese floating in my coffee !
by paul August 04, 2004

An orange cheese-like substance emitted from the male clitoris.
I would have blown him, but he had dick cheese.
by Beangreens September 27, 2009
Used when someone makes alot of jokes including the words Dick Penis Cock etc
"Hey guys. PENIS! hahaha"

"Aw c'mon. enough of the dickcheese, it's old."
by Nycho T January 05, 2009

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