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What a prostitute does to a male client before any services are rendered.
I went to a legal brothel in Nevada. Before I could negotiate with her, I had to have a dick check done.
by Michael_in_Cali October 16, 2007
12 8
1. A male Knowingly or Unknowingly thrusting his crotch into a oncoming ( usually Unaware person )

-- Similar to a "Hump" or "Crotch thrust."


Instead of a hip check or shoulder check....... dick check!

2. pwning a person with something unusual picture or text message.
1. "If that dude doesn't slow down he might DICK CHECK that person who's bent over!"

2. Jerry: Dick CHECK!!
by MrSelfDestruct (bjizzle) March 12, 2009
16 5
some one who gets hit by cars and continues to think he is cool because of it...also enjoys calling jonah fat
"wow, that girl is such a dickcheck!"
by bobcheck April 10, 2010
9 0
When you check your balls for an odor by rubbing your nutts/penis then smelling your fingers. usually done before a date, before oral sex, or during the day when you wore the same draws and just flipped em inside out.
She gave me that seductive look while walking by my i did a quick dick check it checked out so i went on to make my move.
by Keovani® October 10, 2007
50 44