when a guy has a big penis and fucks your tight vagina with it, causing you lips and insides to chap and burn, like rug burn, its" dick burn" the feeling of chapped lips in your pants.
his dick was so big, im sore and have dick burn!!!!!!!
by sexyava July 08, 2011
Top Definition
That internal burning, sore feeling of the penis when you ejaculate too many times in one day.
Mark: Dude, I'm getting dick burn
Tim: Stop beating off so much then
Mark: No
by Timbo-Slice December 23, 2011
Your penis being rubbed raw from prolonged or vigorous unprotected sexual activity
Wow!! I got dickburn after bangin' that skank for three hours!!
by Jess and Rachel October 03, 2006
Slapping a girl acrossed the forehead with your penis and leaveing a red mark
I just gave that girl dickburn to the head.
by Josh and Jordan September 14, 2006
after you finish whacking it really hard and your urethra burns for like a half hour
ive got the worst case of dickburn
by nigger joe January 11, 2005
The hair that grows along the sides of your cock shaft if you don't trim down the bush.
We were watching 70's porn last night. You should have seen the dickburns on Ron Jeremy!
by Cocksman 78 February 27, 2009
the bumps and scrape on the inside of your bottom lip from your teeth from giving head.
Hey, she got dick-burn.
by diamond springs November 04, 2006
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