Dick breath is what lovers get after giving a male oral sex.
Susie totally had dick breath when her and Mike turned up!
by x_LiL_ViX_x July 10, 2005
Top Definition
The smell of someone's breath or tongue after they sucked on the penis.
Sarah really had some penis breath after sucking John's penis.
by Carl August 12, 2004
to have recently had a cock in his/her mouth
mellissa has dick breath
by lloyd freewell May 07, 2003
expression saying you've been sucking to much dick
guy: i've been getting a lot of head lately
you: no wonder your girlfriend has dick breath
#smelly #blowjob #weird #different #head
by idkbutimcooltho December 05, 2005
when someone has had a cock in their mouth.
Mark always had cock breath. :(
by Stacy March 21, 2004
A female who is known for sucking so much dick one could say her breath smells like dick. Not to be mistaken for an everyday slut. For a woman to be considered to have dick breath she must be known through the grape vine for performing oral often.
Man 1: Who's Stephanie with now? Is she single?
Man 2: No man she's always with some guy she's got dick breath for life.
#dick #girls #insults #blowjobs #breath
by Drooge Alex December 30, 2013
Common nickname for Dick Cheney. Can also be anyone who has bad breath and/or behaves like a complete douche-bag.
Dickbreath lied again to Congress.
#dick #breath #dickbreath #cheney #liar
by J Snow February 05, 2010
When a person intakes so much penis, that his or her breath now smells as a fresh penis would.
Dude: What's that smell
Girl: Sorry, I have DICK BREATH
#dick #penis #sucking dick #oral sex #smelly breath
by Zand the pan May 28, 2015
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