Someone who copies off of you. Or does something you were trying to do.
Another way of saying dick eater.
A follower
dick biting- The act of copying or following someone
Why you gonna grab the same jawn I got? Damn yous a dick biter!

Stop dick biting.
by J. Re February 04, 2009
Top Definition
pubic insects, usaully known as crabs crabs.
I just fucked some ho last night, and now I think I got dickbiters.
by anonymous January 25, 2005
One who bites Dicks.
Aeoyn the dickbiter bites dicks.
by Charlie Darwin February 19, 2008
cops, pigs, the law,copper,the fuzz, or any one who ruins a good time.
that was fun as hell till that dick biter showed up.
by mar'scorpio February 17, 2010
a woman who is a femanazi,hates men or always puts them down.
Kathy is a dick biter.
by Deep blue 2012 June 01, 2010
A guy who makes fun of another guy for bitching out on his friends to spend time with his girlfriend.
''Your a bitch for going to see that movie with your gf instead of having a circle jerk with us!'' ''Bro why do you have to be such a dick biter all the time?''
by The WeedMan November 03, 2008
A man who blows dudes, in other words like's another man fallice in his grill or jaw.
Yo bro that Richard Simmons is one gay ass dick biter. Yo Kordell Stewart loves to bite dicks!
by cecnig December 07, 2007

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