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when a male has had an erection for an extended length of time without an orgasm, the dick can begin to ache and throb similar to that of a headache
a condition similar to blue balls but affecting the dick
I had an erection for such a long time after taking the viagra that I began to get a dick ache
by jokeme December 18, 2009
When a girl gets fucked so hard she gets a stomach ache
He fucked me so hard lastnight I had the worst dick ache
by Wouldnt ya like to know September 03, 2013
when a female has given to much head, and ends up with a dick ache
Lauren: Hey i heard you gave Josh some head last night??
Heather: Psh, yea and I woke up this morning with a dick ache.
by dollface1223 November 23, 2009
Result of Cock Gravel.
When Timmy died at Level 13 because of his Dick Ache!
by Bob Korea March 19, 2005
Dick ache - the feeling of intense sexual dissatisfaction. When sexual stimulation is out matched by disappointment.
"i really liked her but her Instagram hoeing gave me dick ache"
via giphy
by UnclePeteNO May 25, 2016
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