The cutting off of one's penis while sleeping by an enraged spouse.
The police stated that Mrs. Bobbit performed the dichotomy without a hitch!
by ouch August 25, 2003
Top Definition
situation in which two disctinct parts exist, usually opposites
We tend to see things as if everything exists in a dichotomy... good or bad, black or white, on or off.
by jbmonday August 25, 2003
A split into two parts. In biology, used to describe physical splits. In social life, used to describe differing points of view or action.
The dichotomy between what he said in public and what he did at home was only apparent to his closest friends.
by Michael Sirois August 27, 2003
where you compare two things that normally don't go together
That fly ho standing next to that drippin' skank is one hell of a dichotomy.
by Phizil August 28, 2003

1. Division into two usually contradictory parts or opinions.
2. Astronomy. The phase of the moon, Mercury, or Venus when half of the disk is illuminated.
3. Botany. Branching characterized by successive forking into two approximately equal divisions.
“the dichotomy of the one and the many” (Louis Auchincloss)
by Robert August 26, 2003
what you need after having unprotected sex with an extremely slutty girl
<man 1> so what did he say bro?
<man 2> the dr. said i need a dichotomy
by The Ju1ce August 27, 2003
the comparison of two groups that usually appear to contridict each other
The dichotomy between eastern and western cultures..
by Three August 26, 2003
a scenerio that is divided into two mutually exclusive or contradictory parts
A couple having sex on their first date is a dichotomy since the man is usually commended for it, yet the woman is labeled a slut more often than not.
by giovany August 07, 2006
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