Adjective: One who is completely self-absorbed and living in a false reality. This altered universe usually involves faux-cougars, beer pong, Argyle socks, and Republican Supremacy. Someone who believes they are diceroy is often known to have "man-night" and other separatist activities, reminiscent of the antebellum South.
OMG, look at my trampstamp! It is so DICEROY!
by Pepperoni Pizza March 03, 2008
Top Definition
Something that is painfully on point or breathtaking. To be diceroy is to transcend normalcy and enter the realm of demigods. Diceroy can also be used as an exclamation. Such usage is analogous to Black Rob's 'Whoa!' in that anything ill you see is diceroy.
Goodness gracious, Juliano is diceroy!
by Calzone February 29, 2008
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