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n. Slang or code term for the semisynthetic psychedelic drug LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide). Appropriate considering the unique effects of the drug, 'dica' is the reverse of LSD's most common street name acid.
"I had no idea I was utterly consumed by wanton desires until I ate this dica, but the dissonance that rings along the rift between this past of ignorance and my newfound enlightenment strikes to the very core of my soul and I am shattered into a million fragments of ॐ..."

"Yo that dica totally tripped my nut!"
by whitekeys February 10, 2009
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dica is a French online urban dictionary at
Dica is nice it will help you learn french
by azorn January 13, 2007
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DigitalCamera's simplification.
I bought a dica yesterday.

can I use your dica?
by JunSW September 08, 2006
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