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Liquid shit, lots of farts and pain in the ass. Watch out for it becuse there is nothing you can do agianst it. Here is a description of a really bad case of diarrhea.
Emily was the sexiest girl in the high school. A chubby brunette with a great body. But one day in the first school hour Emilys stomach rumbled. She had diarrhea. It was only by holding her anus tight and squeezing her butt cheeks tight together that she managed to hold it in. Just doing that was painful. Then after a hard day of holding the diarrhea in she rushed home. The boys coming bye on her way home was looking on her butt thinking it was sexy, not knowing that behind these was several liters of diarrhea waiting to be unleashed.

She got home and pulled crying her jeans down and placed her enormous butt on the toilet, just in time. The diarrhea came crackling out with such force that her anus was expanded until a soccer ball would be able to fit in it. Her butt cheeks was ripped long away from each other, and covered in the diarrhea that crackled out of her beautiful ass. Because of that she was screaming in pain and horror. Flies in the bathroom dropped dead from the smell of her shitting. It sounded like a great amount of wet sticky mud that together with compressed air was forced out of a too little hole. The diarrhea was also splatting onto the walls. Long after her stomach was finally empty.
The toilet was filled with shit, still bubbling with her methane gas. The toilet had broken under her bombing butt. She rushed to fix it all and soon the bathroom was good as new. In Monday she came to the school and the boys was thinking that her giant butt was sexy.
by ubtruk June 08, 2011
13 3
Butt vomit.
I ate so much cajun food today that I had diarrhea for days.
by rpsls April 02, 2009
26 16
shit that is so wet you have to wipe drips of it off your balls
dude took a while everything come out alright?

yah i didnt want to wipe the diarrhea off my balls so i took a shower
by kiwi in training December 09, 2007
26 16
An instrument that is commonly used in the field of biomedics.
Nurse, you dropped all your Diarrhea on the floor.
by Phat Ben December 22, 2006
16 10
When your ass turns into Mt. St. Helens and spews molten rock and lava from your asshole. Depending on what you ate beforehand, the pain endured can range from a mild annoyance to the equivalent of a soldering iron shoved deep into your rectum.
(Person 1 hears violent screaming emitting from the bathroom door)
Person 1: Is someone getting murdered in there?
Person 2: Nah, it's just Jim. He got diarrhea from that Taco Bell he had earlier.
Person 1: Ah.. Poor Jim. :l
by DeviousPancake November 27, 2010
8 3
When you piss shit out yur ass
doesn't hurt that bad...
by Revere781 January 26, 2005
42 37
A thing that guys always do at there friends house after a night of fizzy juice and fast food. Eventhough you don't want to doit you cant help it and your friends think your jackin' off in the bathroom when you are actually squirting your insides into your good friends shitter
He constantly strained as squirt after squirt of ungodly pain diarrhea lit is buttocks aflame
by Pineapple Sadness August 15, 2008
5 0