Liquid poop that shoots out of your butthole at million miles an hour ripping anything in it's path (undees, pants,ect.,ect.) causing the victoms bowels to hurt really bad, and it smells.
I had explosive diarrhea from taco bell! My stomach hurts like hell!
by Em05050550505 October 02, 2006
Liquid shit, lots of farts and pain in the ass. Watch out for it becuse there is nothing you can do agianst it. Here is a description of a really bad case of diarrhea.
Emily was the sexiest girl in the high school. A chubby brunette with a great body. But one day in the first school hour Emilys stomach rumbled. She had diarrhea. It was only by holding her anus tight and squeezing her butt cheeks tight together that she managed to hold it in. Just doing that was painful. Then after a hard day of holding the diarrhea in she rushed home. The boys coming bye on her way home was looking on her butt thinking it was sexy, not knowing that behind these was several liters of diarrhea waiting to be unleashed.

She got home and pulled crying her jeans down and placed her enormous butt on the toilet, just in time. The diarrhea came crackling out with such force that her anus was expanded until a soccer ball would be able to fit in it. Her butt cheeks was ripped long away from each other, and covered in the diarrhea that crackled out of her beautiful ass. Because of that she was screaming in pain and horror. Flies in the bathroom dropped dead from the smell of her shitting. It sounded like a great amount of wet sticky mud that together with compressed air was forced out of a too little hole. The diarrhea was also splatting onto the walls. Long after her stomach was finally empty.
The toilet was filled with shit, still bubbling with her methane gas. The toilet had broken under her bombing butt. She rushed to fix it all and soon the bathroom was good as new. In Monday she came to the school and the boys was thinking that her giant butt was sexy.
by ubtruk June 08, 2011
It's like vomit from your asshole.
I tried to engage my butt's gag reflex with a finger. I soon discovered my anus wasn't truly a mouth and the only common trait shared was regurgitation. Diarrheal carnage ensued.
by Bob in Maine December 12, 2010
When liquid, watery crap comes flying out your ass at high speeds, destroying anything that isn't made of porcelain that gets in its way. Known for causing extreme amounts of pain. Similar to a shotgun, except it hurts the shooter more than the shot. For this reason, I like to call it "Shotgun Shit". Caused by eating too much fast food or anything from a Mexican food stand.
*After eating burrito from food stand*

To Mexican: Donde esta el bano?! Yo tengo diarrhea!
(Where is the bathroom?! I have diarrhea!)

-Yes, diarrhea is the same in both English and Spanish. I checked.
by randomoscity November 10, 2010
WARNING: This is no ordinary crap. Contains a really wide blast radius that will plaster your toilet, and is like eating a habanero pepper only instead it is a liquid projectile being discharged out your ass causing extreme pain like someone blow torched the rim of your ass hole.

BE ADVISED: Dell Taco and Taco Bell are the number 1 causes of Diarreha
I knew i shouldn't have ate at Dell Taco.
by Dr. Diarreha November 21, 2009
Butt vomit.
I ate so much cajun food today that I had diarrhea for days.
by rpsls April 02, 2009
No pain, no strain, just sit and let it drain.
The fast food I had last night gave me wicked diarrhea
by Gingievitus December 13, 2010

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