Motor oil blasted out of a person's asshole!
Anytime after someone eats Pizza Hut.
by Derm November 24, 2003
A fiery liquid shit that comes out of your anus at a very fast pace to allow you to melt any solid object in a matter of miliseconds. If applied to a liquid, it'll cause the vapor to fuck you in the ass and make you fat.

Suggestion: Stay away from taco bell.
"You know that mouse that was bothering me?... I killed it with diarrhea."
by Ic3Dragon January 08, 2006
The stunningly painful feeling McDonalds spent years of research looking for a way to trigger. It'll get you as soon as you're finished eating and try getting up.
If you have a long road ahead of you after you get out of McDonalds, you'd better use the toilet before you leave, or you'll be painfully holding your diarrhea until you arrive home. Especially if there's blizzard outside, forcing you to slow down, and it's too late to stop anywhere.
by lyick January 25, 2006
Liquid crap that shoots out of your but at such incredible volasities that it is capable of breaking the very fine fabric of space which can create interdimensional vortexes to any possible dimension except the 7th and 298th dimension which are too improbable to exist.Tacobell can create this affect.
Oh man! I diarrheaed sooooo fast that I broke time and fell back into the 18th Dimension!
by Albert Einstein 2 the 3rd April 05, 2005
Poop soup. Usually smells of sulfur and/or spiced meat.
This is a delicous bowl of Campbell's diarrhea, burrito variety. Mmm mmm good.
by wafflesforlife March 06, 2007
Loud, smelly, and it hurts.

just like Scientology.
guy: i was walking to my next class when i felt the urge to fart, i aimed my ass towards an open locker and farted while pretending to investigate my pencil. i felt my underwear and ass cheecks fill with a warm liquid, i was terrified, i thought maybe i should run to the bathroom but i realized that would be too obvious because diarrhea would go flying everywhere and everyone would know it was me, so i thought quickly, I grabbed a blind kid and had him walk directly behind me as i lead him to the bathroom telling him id give him candy, i got to the bathroom and had the blind kid lay in front of the door to make sure no one came in and cleaned myself up. disgusting day tbh.
by liquidpassion January 18, 2008
To squirt liquid shit out the anal opening, usualy brought on by a recent trip to Taco bell, Mexico, McDonalds, Booger King; etc. etc.
"when you climb up a ladder and you hear something splatter, it's diarrhea! (Look out below)!
by mavros April 24, 2006

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