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Extreme pooing. Uncontrolled and without warning. Can also be associated with wetness and loud noises. Can be violent or explosive.
Your face smells like fucking diarrhea
by Rizz March 07, 2005
338 131
The aftermath of eating White Castle.
I got diarrhea from eating White Castle.
by K February 17, 2004
279 126
Smelly runny juicy stuff that comes out of your anus. Fills up your toilet with runny remains and burns your asshole. Makes noises when comes out of your butt, like a squirty sound. Stinks up the bathroom and makes you gag when you wipe.
Diarrhea is gross, but everyone has it.
by Maybelline February 19, 2006
271 137
Analogous to vomit, exiting from the anus. Often accompanied by a singed asshole.
Random: Do farts have lumps?
Me: Na dude, I think you just diarrhea'd
Random: Mate, diarrhea doesn't have a verb form
Me: I'd be more worried about that shit running down my leg if I were you.
by Haydizzler April 02, 2011
127 29
Violently explosive flaming burritos and hot sauce and mexicans that shoot out of every orifice in your body at precisely the speed of light. Has been known to start house/forest fires. You do NOT want to have diarrhea.
Heheheheh, hey Lois, diarrhea.


Man, diarrhea is the worst.
by BeauBeau April 04, 2006
167 70
The brown, and very gooy version of shit that comes out when food is rushed out of your body, usually from overeating fast food like Burger King/McDonalds. Oftentimes known to come out when trying to fart, other times without warning.
After I ate at Burger King, I had a bad case of diarrhea.
by Shredder October 31, 2004
130 49
When you truly feel like you have died in the rear.
I had that awful dieArear last night!
by cathieD March 05, 2004
149 72