1- streak of fecal matter on a cloth/disposable device meant to intercept human infant waste product as it exits the posterior.
2 -put down, like 'doody head' based on the undesiribility, and vileness of the substance of the stain being used as a metaphor for the qualities of the individual to whom the remark is directed
In Blade Runner 2, L Samuel Jackson called one of the other werewolves a "human diaper stain".
by SMODNUK September 16, 2007
The wet marks that appear on lighter colored clothes when the diaper they are wearing leaks but the marks appear in such a way that they could only have come from a leaky diaper rather than the person peeing their pants.
Hey look over there, Mike's got a major diaper stain
by iminpampers April 28, 2011
1. a stain on a diaper
2. a huge jackass/annoyance
3. someone that is rele rele ugly
1. that baby left a huge diaper stain
2. Guy 1: dude that guy talked about my momz
Guy 2: don't worry about him man he's a diaper stain
3. That Julie looks like a massive diaper stain.
by coheedboy_4 September 25, 2007

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