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1. When a baby or anyone who wears a diaper had a bad poopy accident full of diarreha and poo goes everywhere making a mess and getting everything stinky.

2. When someone spills pepper on the chairs at wendy's, and it looks like hundreds of little bug terds.
1. Upset mom: P-U! I think we should pull over on the side of the road to take care of the kid's diaper problems.

Grumpy dad: Darn that diaper blowout is so stinky!

2. Girl: Whoops, there goes all of my pepper! Oh well, I gotta go.

Wendy's Worker: Oh darn, someone left a serious diaper blowout for my to clean up, so nobody can sit at this table until I clean.
by cufused_kris June 29, 2009
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