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someone who is there for her friends and who helps make them get through hard times
Be a dianna, and stick up for me!
by Dianna December 17, 2003
Dianna is a woman who isn't afraid to use her natural ability to "raise a little hell" for the powers of good.
When one 'Pulls a Dianna' they divide people on a topic of great importance and are often criticized but also praised for their strength of character and determination.
by aspencreek February 10, 2011
Sexiest, sweetest religious freak who loves nature and hiking and is the best conselour ever.
I tell you man, that Dianna's an angel
by ChiLL Man November 06, 2005
the cutiest girl you'll ever meet :)
does the most epic hair flips
and has the cutest smile
you might want to stand back, i'm gonna attempt to pull a dianna :O
by sexxyindependent May 16, 2010
A known sexy lady! Also kind, gentle and completely perfect in every way imaginable. Made popular by recent One Direction song "Diana" original song name was "Dianna" until famed Harry Styles realized he was not styleing enough to name a song after the extraordinary Dianna.
"Wow! That girl is beautiful! She must be a Dianna"

"You're the love of my life! You're my everything, my breath, heartbeat and my Dianna!"

"To win a beauty contest is to be very Dianna"

"You're such a sweetheart! You're just such a Dianna!"
by TheSexiestManOfGod January 21, 2014
Dianna, a woman who always tries to see the best in people. She is one to forgive and let go of negativity.

She is protective but sweet at the same time. Dianna has amazing friends. <3
I saw that, Dianna.

Dianna is chill, Dianna is love.
by HomieT February 18, 2013
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