Girl who might seem mature at first glance but don't be fooled, she is as childish as a pack of crayolas.

Also somewhat chunky, complains a lot and rather insecure about keeping her man around.
Overall unpleasant person to be around.
Girl 1: Did you see what Anne wrote on twitter?
Girl 2: Ugh yeah. She totally pulled a Diana

Girl 1: Dayum Diana got cheated on by her boyfriend with a hotter girl!
Girl 2: Eh doesn't surprise me.
by hotterthanyouraverage July 18, 2012
A Diana is an oddity found wandering the halls of some high schools. Ginger hair, dark makeup, and squish are all part of a normal Diana. On many occasions a Diana will be listening to loud death metal, or angry music of any sort. A Diana is usually friendly, and will accept love and companions easily. It's batteries are powered by coffee, and will happily collapse in any designated are when running low. Diana's require lots of attention, and have the bad habit of going into emo-mode when malfunctioning slightly.
Hey, what's that noise?
Oh, it's just a Diana.

Who drank all my coffee?
Probably a Diana.

What's this thing sleeping on my boy/girlfriend?
by Dainyon February 05, 2010
a fake friend who hates almost everyone. A lot of people despise her, although she may not know it. She manipulates people to get what she wants. She' a short girl who may seem innocent, but really ? She's not. Whenever you see her she's either stuffing her face or walking around trying to get friends. She will talk about anybody as long as their not with her. She'll even talk about her best friends. She is concieted and worries about her face and hair too much, even though it's too ugly too fix.
person 1 : did you see that new girl ? she's already talking about everybody.
person 2 : ugh i know , what a diana !
by duckylightss December 22, 2011
Completely strung out on caffiene so that words are unintelligible and rodent-like, muscle spasms are frequent, and random fascinations dominate speech and action, e.g. shiny objects, scarfs, capes, and magic tricks.
"I am so tired. I need to get diana so I can study for this exam."


-"Hey, you want to go to the bars?"

by Jake and Kate September 18, 2007
a girl who can't sing, usually brunette. She has terrible teeth, and is probably a kiss up, but she has connections to whatever she wants.
I hate that girl... her name must be diana.
by lalalalalalalalalalala1993 August 03, 2010
Diana camera is a classic toy camera. A collectible item. It produces weird and dreamy pictures. Dianas have been manifactured somewhere around the 1960's in China.
A Holga is the contemporary Diana of toy cameras.
by Ed Kinsky April 17, 2006
1) A person who traps puppies under chairlegs, breaks windows with bowling pins, gets freaky monster-rashes on her wrist, is able to tan while wearing jeans, is worshipped by bugs (but not flies), eats mashed potatoes with peanut butter, and is more awesome than you.

2) The act of texting from 193820 different phone numbers.
"Hey dude, did you see Diana?"
"You mean that weird girl laying in the grass over there even though it's not sunny? Yeah, she's still there."

"Yo, did she text you?"
"She's totally Diana-ing me.. but i don't care, 'cause they make me happy."
by DoraTheExplora April 20, 2008

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