a girl that is always cold, and has a cool roomate
Diana: I'm cold allison
Allison: go back to sleep
by ohhlaa February 15, 2010
A fishy ass bitch who always smells like she's on her damn period and whenever she walks by you , she makes you want to throw the fuck up and die. And make sure to always bring Febreeze when you go by her house !
1) "Is that Diana I smell ? "
2) Oh my gosh, it smells like the fish market! Oh wait, it's Diana
3) That whiff of Diana that just walked by, OMG.
by nolastname April 28, 2015
(1)Generally very emotionless. Almost robot-like. It can be very difficult to unveil her deepest emotions and break the mold.

(2) Is often seen with a hoard of gentlemen and concerned that the crazy hair will distract them from their initial quest.
You've just won a million dollars!!

Diana: -_-
by BNG7KJCLVS February 06, 2010
Someone who is quiet/boring/anti-social in reality, but a huge fucking troll on the internet.
Reality :

guy1 : hi

Diana : hi >///<

Internet :

guy1 : hi

Diana : The fuck you want? 8========D
by HUHUHUHUHU December 04, 2011
A blond (real or artificially colored), white girl, blanquita, snowflake who loves to party, doesn't pay for any drinks, and love to purchase expensive things. She love to name drop her merchandise and is rarely sober for an entire week. She is fun to be around and reckless with her lips! There is never a dull moment when Diana steps into club! You defiantly know when Diana is around!
Yo, who you came with?

Friend replies, Diana, but i don't know where she is.

Wait, I see her, she's by the bar, looks like some old dude is buying her a drink.

Damn, she works fast

blanquita snowflake whitegirl
by OmegaL December 10, 2009
A Diana is an oddity found wandering the halls of some high schools. Ginger hair, dark makeup, and squish are all part of a normal Diana. On many occasions a Diana will be listening to loud death metal, or angry music of any sort. A Diana is usually friendly, and will accept love and companions easily. It's batteries are powered by coffee, and will happily collapse in any designated are when running low. Diana's require lots of attention, and have the bad habit of going into emo-mode when malfunctioning slightly.
Hey, what's that noise?
Oh, it's just a Diana.

Who drank all my coffee?
Probably a Diana.

What's this thing sleeping on my boy/girlfriend?
by Dainyon February 05, 2010
Girl who might seem mature at first glance but don't be fooled, she is as childish as a pack of crayolas.

Also somewhat chunky, complains a lot and rather insecure about keeping her man around.
Overall unpleasant person to be around.
Girl 1: Did you see what Anne wrote on twitter?
Girl 2: Ugh yeah. She totally pulled a Diana

Girl 1: Dayum Diana got cheated on by her boyfriend with a hotter girl!
Girl 2: Eh doesn't surprise me.
by hotterthanyouraverage July 18, 2012
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