A girl with big boobs and an ass, usually blonde, great in bed, and although may seem stupid at times, is very intelligent, although she herself may not realize it.
"Hey, wutcha doing tonight?"
"haha, i got myself a Diana!"
by aybaybay5789 May 02, 2008
Diana has a great personality and will give you a shoulder if you need to cry. She will try to solve every conflict and is a perfectionist.
Friend: Diana, stop correcting me when I use improper grammar!
by Cheerleader1119 March 07, 2016
A very beautiful loyal and fun person. She loves boys that play sports. That has shoe game and smells good. Every Diana deserves a Jeremiah. A very Loyal male. Diana loves Jeremiah and will never let him go.
When did Diana and Jeremiah start going our
by Philly_10 December 19, 2013
She's beautiful. She doesn't really like to share her feeling so if she ever tells you she likes you, feel special. She's very funny and smart and loves tall boys with perfect he usually with the names Ben or Mark
John: Dude who's that beautiful girl over there?!?
Max: Oh, that's Diana you better watch out she's into Ben.

John: Oh Shit here she comes!
(Diana walks over)
Diana: Hey Max who's this?
(Diana points at John)
Max: This is my friend John.
John: Hi Diana!
Diana: Oh well hello John. Have y'all seen Ben anywhere, he said he needed to tell me something?
Max: Yeah he was with Cara.

Diana: Ew she's a hoe. Well goodbye guys see y'all around.

(Diana storms off)
John: Well damn she was hot.

Max: Yeah but she likes Ben.
(Both guys sigh)
by Sexybitch54 May 22, 2016
Rhyming slang, based upon UK singer and X-Factor failure Diana Vickers. Knickers.
Brilliant. The kids are at your mum's, the phone's off the hook and you're not due on blob for two weeks. Get your Dianas on and make my dinner!
by Jenny Tals August 23, 2010
Referred to a fake girl who likes to talk smack about others & only likes to pull hair when it comes to fighting
I'm gonna pull a Diana on her!
by Dudes gawd064 July 22, 2015
a girl that is always cold, and has a cool roomate
Diana: I'm cold allison
Allison: go back to sleep
by ohhlaa February 15, 2010
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