1. (Princess of Wales; Lady Diana Spencer), 1961–97, former wife of Charles, Prince of Wales.
2. an ancient Roman deity, virgin goddess of the moon and of hunting, and protector of women, identified by the Romans with the Greek Artemis.
3. the moon personified as a goddess.
she definatly looks like a diana
by quazie621 September 25, 2009
A really sweet, caring girl. Always smiling, even when she isnt happy, just to make other happy. Has the best friends in the world, and is gorgeous. She feel very self concious about her body, but in reality she is perfect the way she is. Funny, and always in a good mood, loves to watch movies with her friends. Has one really good guy friend, usually a very sweet guy, but also has plenty of great girl friends. She's the kind of person that you just want to be around. usually brown eyes and dark brown hair.
guy1: woah, look at her!
guy2: who, diana?
1: yeah, shes so pretty.
2: yeah dude, shes a real catch!
by i.love.diana. April 03, 2011
she is the one you have in the back of your mind no matter how many other females you talk to or converse with. every female you see her face pops into your mind.,. it drives you crazy but yet you still love the girl.!
shes the diana i want
by CLOSGOMZ May 23, 2010
somebody who extremly good looking and usually goes to a weird type of school (eg. a private school with boys and girls). a diana ALWAYS has loads of friends and bestie who knows her exreeeemly well. also has beautiful blonde hair which looks great in any other colour because it always shines, too. likes rock, metal, and many other......stuff and is occasionally obsessed with making earrings... unlike her earlier days when she was ALWAYS obsessed with making earrings. PLUS dianas most commonly have purple rooms and are way more awesome than ALL of you!
Guy 1: hey you see that girl over there?
Guy 2: the hot one with the awesomly shiney hair listening to her iPod? with the black top??
Guy 1: yeh her, thats Diana
Guy 2: damn shes beautiful!!
Bestie: back off you perverted freaks why dont you go look at eachother instead of staring at people who are WAAAY out of your league, JEEZ!
Guy 1&2: aaarrrrghh help scary hot chick!! run away!!
by The Uber One May 27, 2008
a tall, beautiful, smart but slow at times, energetic, funny, and cool girl. always there for you no matter what but also needs you alot when there is a problem. if you get on her bad side then you are bassicaly stuck there. she will do anything to protect the people she loves. she has alot of friends and when she is around you she triggers your craziness and you can not help but laugh whenever you are around her.
girl: hey

diana: hey ma ninja
girl: (laughs)

diana: xp i no im funny
by brina09 April 01, 2010
One of the best girls you will ever meet. She is pretty and confident. She will be somewhat shy at first, but when you meet her you will see she is very loud.

She is also very smart. Any guy would like to have her.

She usually falls for a Joseph though.
Guy 1: You see that chick over there?
Guy 2: Yeah, the one with the orange top?
Guy 1: That's Diana. She's really hot, too bad she is dating Joseph...
by whatever99 April 17, 2012
Diana, a very gorgeous girl that has extremely good qualities. She gets a long with everyone, however doesn't have a million friends, she trusts only a few people. An extremely loyal person however get on her bad side and she can be a bitch and not talk to you. She does not go after people, they go after her. Every girl wants to be like her. humorous and goofy, though smart. usually diana's have big asses. hot bodies. are good at sports. And a great friend. She's so cute and small that you just want to hold her forever. She is not like the rest. Has a personality that is very, very hard to find. So if you get her, don't lose her.
Damn who's that babe? that's Diana man, the best girl you could ever get.
by Danbabe101 April 13, 2013

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