Extremely addictive game... awesome for a while... but when you start playin every available minute you have... you got a problem. Just got to keep it monitored and play when you can't do anything else...

Best game I have ever played, and the game I have played the longest, just make sure it doesn't rule your life...

I'm probably "addicted" because I won't quit... but I still have a life and only play a few hours a day, and never put it before anything else.

If you are a risk-taker, I'd say play this awesome game and hope it doesn't ruin your life... lol Give it a chance and to save yourself a lot of trouble if u play, stay 100% legit, no maphack, scams, bots, etc It ruins the D2 experience and only leads to bad things...

I have known many people that had their lives ruined by this game. Never get anything done, drop out of school, lose their job, etc... MAKE SURE YOU DON'T FALL IN THE TRAP!! I have literally seen people cry when they get scammed really bad, one last thing... DON'T TRUST A SOUL ON DIABLO 2, 99.99999999999999999% of them will try to get you at some point... I do not know of a single person besides myself that has never scammed another person, most "friends" really aren't...
Proceed with Caution...

Diablo 2 is a dangerous game!
by half Addict :'( June 04, 2006
a game with the metaphoric phenomenon of the gates of heaven, which transfers orgasmic glee to the cool and tuff guy/girl/thing through a lengerdary diablo playing mouse. also refers to the gods as their word/vision/hymm.
tuff guy: whats up with the sunglasses?
cool guy: my eyes fell out playing diablo 2. now i guess im just a sinner, since i cant play.
by the wise bookaka May 10, 2007
Game that is highly addictive, but you don't have to spend hours on it. People also actually buy items for this game on E-bay.....
Diablo 2 Player: Hey I found a rare elite unique.
Non-D2 Player: What? I found $10.
Diablo 2 Player: *Goes and sells unique on E-bay for $30.*
by JohnR June 20, 2006
A game, in which you have a choice of 6 characters, of different skills and possibilties! Great game, very time consuming. IS the MOST addictive game out there, it is a MMRPOG.
-Advice: Do Not BUY it, or give as a present.
-Reason: Ruin your life and who ever posses's it!
diablo 2 is like the game runescape. equally addictive.
by terturus May 11, 2007
A super super cool game that i am awful at! You get to kill cows!!!!!
wow, killer cows dude.
by moo November 08, 2003
An Extremely Addictive game that should be burnt, where the Sorceress class can kill anyone via spamming spells such as "Chain Lightning" "Blizzard" or "Ice Orb". A good Diablo2 player would only make any other class to help the SCORCERSS!

A good gamer would burn his or her copy of Diablo2… I know how you feel…
"I just spent 3 hours doing baal runs to level up and i got killed and lost all my exp!!!!"

"Dude you play Diablo2??? Get the hell away from me!"
by Bloodaxe555 July 04, 2005
A very sad game that if you play you morph into a nerd. Diablo 2 is probably the worst game ever infact i think we should burn all diablo 2's and kill the makers! any one with me?
jim: hay giggles want to play d2?
giggles: *slaps jim and steals d2 and burns it*
by GIGGLES May 02, 2005
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