To pass away whilst flirting with small stinging insects
"Don't make eyes at that bee. You wouldn't want to diabetes."
by KeithMyArthe December 08, 2006
A cursed disease in which you have to poke lancets on your skin then test with malfunctioning glucometers. Type I is juvenile while Type II is obesity-related.
Telling a fat person that they have diabetes is like telling a homosexual or sex addict that they have AIDS.
by SJ Haynes September 01, 2006
diabetes is a disease that makes you cuss incesently and makes you extremely irritable(especially when you have doctors that dont know what they're doing and numbers more off the wall than a baby who drinks coffee.)
Ive had diabetes for 12 years, and i have a heck of a time telling people what it is!
by Afton February 08, 2005
Comes in two flavors:

Type 1: God hates you and your pancreas. It sucks, and the only way anyone can joke about it is by how much it sucks. It's not an excuse to get out of class, it's 'Dear Lord, I am going to pass out'.

Type 2: You got it from developing bad overeating habits in response to depression. The family history on both sides didn't help a whole lot either. You yourself then take control of your weight slowly through therapy, exercise, and relearning healthier ways of eating. Everyone assumes you got it because you ate too many twinkies, and not enough healthy things, like fruit. You don't even like Twinkies. And don't they realize that sugar is in fruit? Also, God hates you.

You and the Type 1 meet at a salad bar. A soft melody plays over the loud speaker. You gaze at Type 1's salad, along the rich greens of spinach decorated with a playful greys of portabello mushrooms. A little bit of dressing- not too much, but just enough. Eyes meet. Gazes linger. "I love spinach too," you murmur in soft tones. "Me too," says Type 1.

The afternoon is spent in delightful conversation about Mongolian heavy metal music and your shared love of the martial art of Bartitsu. As the sun begins to set, setting the sky in an orchestra of bright colors, you both hold hands, and decide that diabetes just sucks in general.
Diabetes sucks.
by Tanyuuuu July 03, 2013
Type one is when your body produces little or no insulin, mostly in juvenile patients but can be diagnosed at any age. You usually either have to take shots daily or you have an insulin pump. Most people (of both types) test regularly(at least 4 times a day)

type two is when someone is(generally) overweight, and cannot produce enough insulin to reach all places of the body. they usually have to have pills to help.
Well, I have type 1 and i hate life. If you get diabetes...good luck living a normal life!
by Harumi Miyake January 18, 2009
There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is when the pancreas doesn't function properly and type 2 is when you are over weight and it starts causing health problems. It really makes me mad when we are watching a health video in class and people say "diabetes is cause when you are over weight." I have diabetes myself and my friends or people I know look at me and judge me. People need to get it right. People need to become more educated on this subject.
Idiot: Haha dude look at this picture.

*picture of unhealthy food*

Idiotic Friend: OMG man that is diabetes in a picture! Haha
Idiot: ya man!
by Rosie101 May 24, 2014
Diabetes is a God forsaken disease. There are two main causes to this, for type 1 your pancreas simply fails on you, it was not their fault. On the other hand type 2 was definitely their fault for eating too many twinkies and big macs. Both types of diabetes may need insulin injections to regulate blood sugar. Type 1 diabetics will always have to either inject themselves, or get a manual pump. Type 2 diabetics may need injections, depending on their conditions. Hypo glycemic is when someone's blood sugar is very low, this could lead to a coma, or death. Hyper glycemic is when someone has too high of a blood star count, these effects include, vomiting, nausea, and lethargy. Please trust this information, I myself am a type1 diabetic, and at most I take 7 shots a day
by PandaBoi1337 May 30, 2012
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