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this boy is very funny,nice and very kind.when he is heart broken,it takes a year or so,to let him move on.he is very creative.he is the "stick to one" type of guy.this guy has many piercings.many people thinks he is a bad guy.but he is not.when your friends with him,he will treat you as a brother/sister.he is very protective to his friends that are girls.if he heard that someone fancies one of his friends that are girls,he will first get to know the guy before he let her like him.he play instruments,like guitars and drums(trio).he likes girls with a good sense of humor.he is confident,down to earth.when he likes a girl,he will first be friends with her,and get to know her.he will ask her friends whats he likes and dislikes and who is the boy that she admires . dhayniel is a gentleman.he loves his family so much.when he is mad,he will not talk to you,but when you say sorry,and look at him in the eyes.he will give in and forgive you.he hates it when girls is flirty,and mean.he is not the boy who loves it when a girl acts stupid.
"do u know that guy?"


"the guy who makes everyone laugh?"

"oh,thats dhayniel."
by Unknown Harventian Unicorn November 13, 2013
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