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On on-line discussion groups, abbreviation for "dear hubby." Less common: "dear husband," "dearest h*," "darling h*."

Frequent users include SAHMs, Christians; any group with the right combination of insecurity, self-righteousness, and poor education.

Often inexplicably used with an insult, usually cutesy: "my DH is a nice man, but ugly as a shaved kitten." Tends to be near emoticons, LOL and its various permutations, capitalisation-free text, and spelling errors.

Also seen, possibly thanks to the irritation of being referred to as a DH, is XH -- "ex-hubby."
even my dh is comenting on how much more junk mail im getting since i started posting to this bb,roflmao!!!!

The DH and I very much enjoyed the professional service and fine dining atmosphere of The Olive Garden. We really enjoy authentic, gourmet Italian food!!!! DH spoils me there by ordering an ENTIRE BOTTLE of wine.

Kelly-Lee, your DH sounds like such a wonderful man. I only wish my BF would hurry up and propose now that I'm pregnant!!!!

my dh is totally embarased whenever i want him to buy tampax for me!!!!
by K.M. Mennie August 28, 2006
Daddy's Home!
A line used by one of the main characters in the TV series How I Met Your Mother" - Barney Stinson.
*approaching a group of women*
You:Daddy's home!
*getting slapped across the face and leaving*


*approaching a group of women*
You:Daddy's home!
(later that night having sex with one or more of them)
by YeahMF August 15, 2010
an abbreviation for Desperate Housewives used only by the most hardcore of fannage.
Are we dh'ing tonight? It's gonna be awesome!
by half of the foursome May 07, 2007
In Rutgers it means Dining Hall.
Let's go the DH, I'm fucking starving!
by xdxfp May 31, 2005
Short for dickhead. It describes anyone who is generally dislikeable.
Yo, assmunch, stop being such a DH
by JGberg February 28, 2010
In aviation terms: Decision Height (DH) The point of altitude relative to radio height at which an aircraft must either land on a runway or make a go-around.
A standard DH is two hundred feet radio height.
by Mika October 28, 2003
Dumb Ho. Typically a girl who straightens her hair and wears lip gloss. Thinks sneaking out, getting drunk and going to second base is a scandelous event.
Dude, that girl with the ribbons and side ponytail is such a dh, i heard she gave Ricky head.
by babycat October 06, 2006
to dry hump and not exchange bodily fluids
abby sure did alotta dh-ing last night on jason's couch.
by a-nohl May 19, 2006