1. Dirty Girl. a girl that is dirty. A whore, or slut. The type of girl that will let you do anal on her. The type of girl that when you leave for a couple minutes, she will get eiffel towered by your friends
1. Last night I hooked up with a serious DG man, I mean for real she let me take a dump on her chest
by Nothinbutfacials May 03, 2009
Damaged Goods - A term generally referred to a man or woman, who because of life circumstances, is not the perfect match in a relationship or marriage material. The trademark of a DG person is someone who has had a mishap in their love life such as a divorce or children from a previous relationship. In a perfect world a DG candidate would be your ideal love match.
Girl#1: Should I go out with him?
Girl#2: Well, he is a nice guy, just remember he is DG.

Boy#1: Wow, she looks good!
Boy#2: Yeah she does! But dude you know she is DG.
by Ktracho504 December 06, 2012
This is the circumstance in which you are exchanging texts with a girl and the conversation runs so dry that you are merely sending random idle statements to each other with the conversation being completely minimal. The conversation is stagnant yet forced to continue as both partys are interested but have nothing remotely interesting to say.
"Bro check the text this girl just sent me"

'Just had my breakfast. Cocopops. LOL. X'

"Man, that is such a DG."
by jawsissmallbycomparison October 16, 2011
(Damaged Goods) Referring to a Woman who has slept with Black guys.
"Yo Jenny is cool peeps but she's D.G. for sure..

Once you go black you never go back cuz no one wants you on the count you D.G.
by siscarface September 13, 2011
A very dirty girl.
That DG dani got Bukakked last night.
by Cracka405 August 27, 2009
Dirty Ginger, better known as a redhead
Check out that DG over there.... I bet the carpet matches the drapes.
by AllieIrie July 17, 2011
a DG is a Dirty Girl and by dirty girl we do not mean that she is a loose woman, a DG implys that your sole purpose on earth is to have sex with the dirtiest and as many as guys as possible.
John-"So last night i found out that Kelsey and Nicole narrowly escaped a dirty gibas from a homeless man. "

Garrett-"Wow, you serious??"

John-"Ya talk about DG's"
by Scandalous Sak June 09, 2009

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